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Drama Offerings at ARHS

Course selection is here! We have 3 wonderful drama classes to offer. Develop your basic acting and communication skills, improve collaboration, empathy, social skills and self confidence. The ultimate goal if for students to free more comfortable in their own skin both on stage and in everyday life. Check it out and reach out to Mr. D’Agostino if you have any questions!

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“Radium Girls” Opens March 3rd

ARHS students have been working hard to put together the winter show Radium Girls. This event truly is special, because other than the advising/direction, the students create the entire performance. The sets, props, costumes, poster logo, lights, stage management, and crew are all being designed and run by our talented students.

Performances are Thursday 3/3 and Friday 3/4 in the Blackbox at 7 PM. Admission will be free, but tickets should be reserved in advance. You can reserve your seats by using the QR code on the posters or filling out this form — TICKET RESERVATIONS.  Students will be performing again on March 5 as part of the METG Drama Festival.


Radium Girls, by D.W. Gregory, tells the story of the women who worked for the U.S. Radium Corporation in the 1920’s. The workers of the factory were responsible for working with and handling radium as they painted radium-laced glow-in-the-dark paint on the dials of watches. The women were told that the radium was safe and, in order to paint the fine detail on the dials, they were instructed to point their brushes between their lips. As factory owners and scientists, familiar with the effects of radium, took precautions against harmful radiation, the women who worked for the company started to get ill and die.

The play focuses on Grace Fryer (a dial painter) and her efforts to take the U.S. Radium Corporation to court. The show is dramatic, but written with humor. It provokes thought and sheds light on matters of equity, commercialization of science, and trading human rights for financial profit.