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This Week in Drama I

Drama I clIMG_1627asses are up on stage trying out the new world of improvisation. The rules of agreement, making choices, making your partner look good and listening really, really intensely are in effect. This week we are table reading originally scripted scenes in class and getting feedback on how to enhance initial ideas. Ideas on how to show location, establish a relationship and create believable moments were explored today. Next week we will revise scripts based on class feedback. Music, props, lights and blocking choices will be the next phase of our journey with the goal of staging by the end of October.

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This Week in Drama II

IMG_1627Drama II began monologue performances Tuesday during the double.  Performances were filmed to provide additional information to each actor after we discussed what we observed as a class.  Students have stepped up directorial skills and period 6 is offering thoughtful feedback after each performance.  Today was a strong showing of a range of moments from plays, books, movies and a self-scripted piece by Jaime Moschella.