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Redefining Positive Body Image

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The Reflection Redefined Gallery Opening was on Thursday January 21st, and was a great success! DECA students Kate Kalinowski and Kira Porter worked to highlight their two-week long initiative about body positivity throughout the building. The conclusion was the opening of a gallery show featuring artwork from students, alumni, and photographs from The Grace Project, whose work photographs women who are redefining their own body image after mastectomy surgery.

Before attending the opening reception, artist Isis Charise shared the Grace Project work with about 200 incredibly attentive and sincere students in the Black Box, from art, health, English and social studies classes. Students we spoke to afterward were very moved, some teary at the power of the images, of women’s reclaimed beauty and dignity. One student said her grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 days earlier, and she’d not been able to make time or known what to say, but called her that afternoon. At the opening, which was packed for our small gallery, Isis connected with students, community members, and cancer survivors. Guests commented on the collection of work, which sought to open up conversation on various body image topics.

Congratulations Katie & Kira on your dedication and hard work towards a successful event! The gallery is open during the school day for viewing, and will remain open through early March.



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